Tiburon Research Holdings, LLC

Tiburon Research Holdings, LLC

The Manager of the Tiburon Saltwater Reclamation Fund II, LLC is a joint venture between Sandlapper Capital Investments, LLC and Tiburon Research Holdings, LLC. Sandlapper’s principals and senior management team have signifcant experience in the acquisition and operation of commercial real estate, business entities, finance and management as well as with alternative financial instruments.

Tiburon Research Holdings, LLC was founded in 2000 and provides extensive forensic financial analysis, business model review, and technology consulting for public and private companies. Tiburon also uses industry and sector analysis for individual companies and institutional investors for in-depth third party due diligence and fairness opinions. Additionally, Tiburon provides investment banking services for companies in need of startup capital, expansion capital, M&A services or advice on exit strategies to identify the right strategy and has worked extensively with research and application in the oil and gas industry.


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