TSWR Development, LLC

TSWR Development, LLC

TSWR Development, LLC was founded in 2012 as a joint venture between Sandlapper Capital Investments, LLC and Tiburon Research Holdings, LLC to participate in the acquisition and development of saltwater disposal operations throughout the Permian Basin. The principals and senior management team have significant experience in the acquisition and operation of commercial real estate, business entities, finance and management as well as with alternative financial instruments. TSWR Development, based in the SANDLAPPER FINANCIAL CENTER in Greenville, SC, was recognized as the number three best small company based in South Carolina in the annual GSA Business Roaring 20s.

Since 2012, TSWR and/or its affiliates have owned interests in and/or participated in developing or redeveloping twenty-two salt water disposal wells in West Texas.

Management Team

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Trevor Gordon

Jack Bixler

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